Terms and Conditions

By uploading your images to the Burning Man Gallery, you give Burning Man Project (BMP) a nonexclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to distribute and otherwise use these images. In keeping with Burning Man's Principle of Decommodification, BMP will not sell your images or license them to anyone else without your separate written permission. BMP agrees to credit you as the photographer, using the name you have provided, in any distribution or other use of your images. BMP's inadvertent failure to provide this credit is not a breach of this license if, on receipt of notice from you, BMP takes reasonable steps to cure that failure on a prospective basis. If your images were taken at a Burning Man event in Black Rock City, the Terms and Conditions applicable to that event continue to apply to any use of those images. You can review the most recent Terms and Conditions at http://tickets.burningman.org/terms-and-conditions.