About and FAQ

This is the official Gallery of Burning Man photos. It showcases the art, expression, diversity, and hard creative work of Burning Man participants. It’s the repository of the multimedia records of what we do out there in the Black Rock Desert and the world beyond.

Archiving, photography and documentation are important forms of participation at Burning Man. It is essential that there is a collaborative relationship between the photographer and the subjects or artists. And because everyone in Burning Man culture is a participant, you are invited to submit your own Burning Man photos for inclusion in the Gallery.

Read on to learn about what goes into good Burning Man photos and how to upload your own.

Check out Guidelines for Photography and Media at Burning Man.


Q. How do I contribute images to the gallery?

A. Click the “Upload” button, first of all. Then, once you’re logged in via Burner Profiles, you’ll arrive at the form. Here’s the catch: You must add all required metadata to your photos before the uploader will let you go.

Q. What kinds of files can I upload?

A. We currently only accept .jpg or .jpeg images. The maximum file size is 25 Mb. Eventually we will accept other file types and media types.

Q. How are images selected for inclusion in the gallery?

A. The moderators select attractive, well-composed, and unique photos of art, events, and ephemera from official community activities. Playa photos should highlight art installations, Theme Camps, Mutant Vehicles, performances, compelling playa moments and unique perspectives. They also like exceptional images from official Burning Man year-round gatherings, such as Decompression or Regional Network community events, civic projects supported by Burning Man Arts or Burners Without Borders, and any other manifestations of Burning Man culture in your community or elsewhere.

Note: even if your photos are not selected for the gallery, all submitted images are retained as a valuable part of our digital archives, and we thank you for taking the time and effort to submit your images.

Q. Why is the media gallery curated?

A. Because it needs to represent Burning Man culture completely and accurately, and not just be full of the same old pretty stuff. That also means making sure the photos are… you know, good. In addition to being an official archive for Burning Man, this is also an important communication mechanism to would-be participants, the general public and public agencies. This collection is not intended to be a photo sharing service. Yes, your campmate may be quite adorable while crashed out wearing a tutu after a late night, but we are pretty sure that you can find a few other places on the Internet to show that picture.

Q. Why didn’t my photo get selected for the public collection?

A. If your photo is out of focus, covered in dusty playa spots, haphazardly composed, contains explicit adult content, illegal activities, or subject matter not likely to be of interest to the larger community or visiting public, we will most likely not include it. In addition, an effort is made to keep the number of practically identical duplicate images to a minimum. For example, you may have a lovely shot of the Man burning, but we may already have several similar shots already included in the gallery. It is a good idea to browse the collection and search for similar subject matter before submitting your images.

Q. Can I add videos, audio, or document files to the media gallery?

A. Not yet. Soon, though.

Q. I’m a member of the press and would like to obtain high-resolution Burning Man Photos for press use. What do I do?

A. Contact the Press Team, and they’ll take care of you.

Q. What are the terms of usage for images submitted to the gallery?

Please see our Terms and Conditions

Q. What is the privacy policy for contributors’ personal info?

A. Whenever you submit expressive content to the Gallery, ePlaya, or for publication in the Journal or Jackrabbit Speaks, you understand that the submission might be made public on the web, and that such submission may contain personal information. The Gallery includes each photographer and contributor’s email address, so interested parties may contact them to request permission to use their submissions in other media. We are not responsible for the personal information you or others choose to post in this manner. You may be identified as the author of any posted expressive content unless you request otherwise.

For further information, please peruse our general privacy policy.

Q. If I want to use Burning Man Photos for publication, reproduction or creative purposes, what do I do?

A. All images in the Gallery are under joint copyright in their respective year, by both the photographer and Burning Man. For publication or other image use requests, contact the photographer or contributor at the email listed for the image, and press[at]burningman.org for written permission. Burning Man cannot grant permission to you to publish these images without the additional permission of the individual photographer or contributor. Burning Man does not grant permission for the use of images from the event for the purposes of advertising or commercial promotion. For more information, visit the Press / Media section of the Burning Man website.