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Charley and Louis

Photo by: Juan P. Zapata

Year: 2017

Image Caption: 

" It was mine and my husband, Louis' first burn. What I felt and saw out on the playa was something no one has managed to describe to me previously and what I am still trying to put into words for others to understand. Photos are just a glimpse at the truly amazing dessert that for one week becomes a city and a home. I went there with open arms and felt so overwhelmed from the message I took away with me- I felt that a lot of people that go to Burning Man are looking for there soul mate or asking the universe for that "partner in crime". It filled me with warmth and love to know that I went there with mine and to know that one week there is a small reflection to the massive amount of love and fun that fills my heart everyday. It was a pleasure and a humbling experience to be able to fill my heart with more incredible memories and be reminded of how magical humans can still be. :) "