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Merrilee and Daughter at No Place Like Home

Photo by: Juan P. Zapata

Year: 2019

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Merrilee’s Story: "This was my 16th burn (13th for our daughter). I enjoyed cruising around in my art car, The Electric Wrecker and think I saw more art than usual this year. I also had great conversations with people. I spent time helping out with art projects (Purr Pods and The Folly). My favorite art pieces this year were No Place Like Home and the Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance." . . . No Place Like Home by: Trey Watkins, Mara Greenberg, Alan Becker, Karen Cusolito, Andrew Howell, Meena Sandhu and Frogma from: SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London & Zurich year: 2019 A tornado of fire has hurled a small Kansas farmhouse to a world of magic and wonder. As participants are drawn in by the torrent of flame they will discover a curious story woven into the details of the broken house. A road of yellow brick weaves away through a peaceful trail of giant flaming poppies. Propane, Steel, Methanol, Wood, Brick, Iron, & Rubber are assembled to create a magical journey No Place Like Home draws from the mythology of the Wizard of Oz, a tale that embodies the themes of personal transformation and discovery. The quest for the metamorphoses you think you need, may reveal the strengths you already have.