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Kelsie and Andy Wedding at the Unicorn

Photo by: Juan P. Zapata

Year: 2019

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Kelsie’s Story: . "I had the best time! Hot, dusty, making new connections and renewing old ones. I experienced so much love out on the playa when Andy and I were married and that love carried us through the week” . . . . One of my favorite moments on La Playa is to capturing weddings, and this one was so special. Simple but full of emotions and very nice people. . . . Toxic Unicorn by: Madeleine Hamann and the Unicorn Liberation Front from: San Diego, CA year: 2019 Toxic Unicorn is a rainbow-colored, LED-covered, life-sized sculpture of a unicorn who simply begs for attention. But beware… those drawn in by a shiny facade are in for a shocking surprise! This piece is packed with interactive features that you may find less than pleasant. On one level, TU points to a social trend where an emphasis on outward appearances leads to superficial relationships and isolation rather than real, deep interpersonal connection. On another level, TU is made of and begs consideration of humanity’s favorite toxic unicorn material — plastic. Although it has enabled innovation and permeated human culture around the world, the consequences of using this seemingly magical material without due diligence are becoming clear.